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We love our furry friends like we love our children.  

So ask yourself these five questions.....

Would you knowingly feed your children snacks made from ingredients that you didnt know what they are or where they are made?  

Do you remember the dog food that killed over 1,000 dogs in late 2013?

Did you know there is no Country of Origin requirement for pet food in the US?

Over 100 brands of pet food has been recalled by the FDA since 2007.

Did you know the top 10 reason not to feed your dog a bone?


Our Bichon "Fries" are made from 1 ingredient - Sweet Potato - in Wisconsin.


Dogs universally love the flavor of sweet potato.

Features an exclusive hard furrowwed suface and a Patented design which helps clean theeth and gums

No highly processed anything, such as wheat gluten, refined sugars, corn, plastics, polymers, animal by-prodcts, animal digest or rendered animal meat of fat.

Just Pure food - Sweet Potato


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